New computer set-up

I have finally claimed a space in the RV. I took a risk and cut a TON of holes in the RV to try and get back a dual monitor setup. It has been about 2 weeks and everything seems to be working out so far. This is an album to view the process of the new setup.


2,024 Miles

After 10 months of being back in Oklahoma Jennifer has signed a new contract and this one is the farthest we will travel. This 2,020 miles trip beats our previous trip to New York by close to 500 miles! Our destination is “The beaver state”  Oregon! We are heading out to in a couple of weeks for our 6 (maybe) day journey west. Keep an eye out for tons of pictures and if there is any place we should stop along our 31 hour long route let us know!

Trip to Texas

We took a little vacation down to Texas over a long weekend and tried to pack it full of interesting stops. We went to Dallas for Medieval Times, Austin for a train ride, San Antonio  for the Alamo, and finally Corpus Christi for Wings Over South Texas and the Texas State Aquarium. over all it was a lot of driving and a lot of fun.

The Next Stop

on to New York

Well Jennifer has signed a new contract and we have figured out a living arrangement so now is the time to announce our next move. We are currently in South Carolina but come the end of march we will be located in New York. This will be a change for us for this leg of the journey. we have been making our RV our home for the past 9 months. but since we are heading north to New York we will not have a place to set up our camp. this is because the only park around will not open until almost 2 months after we arrive. so for this assignment we will be parking the RV and staying in an AirBnB. We will be sad to see our home on wheels parked for a few months especially after having just finishing selling our first home but this opportunity we think is worth the change. the new location is in Saratoga Springs, New York and is over 860 miles away from us currently. but we will be making another trip home first we are looking at putting almost 2800 miles on the truck this trip. This will be a long trip but going home to see family is always worth the drive. Screenshot (92)

Let us know what attractions to check out while we are there and wish us luck as we travel across the country by sending us a message.

4 day weekend!

This weekend Jennifer has 4 days off! We have a big weekend ahead. We are going to Wisconsin Dells . While we are there i doubt we will be seeing all of the water parks since it is like 50 degrees outside but we hope to see the sites. We also want to do something we have not done before and that is taking a duck boat ride.

Saturday we will move over to Madison for for the Harry Potter Festival. We will finish our night over at Highway 18 outdoor theater to see Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban and then Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire if we can stay up that late. Too bad we dont have our wands with us from when we visited Diagon Alley.946143_10153236938600025_4645805594524284279_n

On Sunday it is Packer game day. Jennifer has gotten us tickets to the Packers vs. the Saints. I will get to knock another thing off of my bucket list with a day full of tailgating and cheering. The last time we were there for a field tour we lost our photos together so maybe we can get some this time.IMG_9201

Our Set up

The Home 19961246_10154579228805025_3536865209496536346_n

The Truck IMG_8176

  • 2016 Dodge Ram 2500, Big Horn edition 6.4 liter 4×4

The Car 

  • Coming soon

The Technology 

we use a bunch of different tech to to keep up our family and friends up to date.


Let this be a lesson to all! I got locked out of our RV with Ender inside. The front door of our RV has two locks. One is a lock on the handle and one is a deadbolt style lock. You can lock and unlock the deadbolt lock from both inside and outside. The door handle lock apparently can only be locked and unlocked with the key outside. So when Jennifer left for work she locked the doors like we normally do. The difference this time was that I left the RV to grab diapers from the underneath storage. I shut the door and could not get back in. Worse was that I had my keys in my hand but tossed them down because I said, “I won’t need these”. After a few minutes of me going “????????”  I figured out what happened and started to panic.

I almost called Jennifer to come home to let me in. Ender was being good but after about ten minutes he figured out I was not in eye sight (or he dropped his pacifier who knows) and started to whine so I grabbed a ladder and I had to break in through a window. Thankfully It does not look like I damaged anything where it does not work. No one called police about me breaking in. The bad news, No one seen me breaking in. Time to invest in a touch pad entry like we had on the house.

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