Let this be a lesson to all! I got locked out of our RV with Ender inside. The front door of our RV has two locks. One is a lock on the handle and one is a deadbolt style lock. You can lock and unlock the deadbolt lock from both inside and outside. The door handle lock apparently can only be locked and unlocked with the key outside. So when Jennifer left for work she locked the doors like we normally do. The difference this time was that I left the RV to grab diapers from the underneath storage. I shut the door and could not get back in. Worse was that I had my keys in my hand but tossed them down because I said, “I won’t need these”. After a few minutes of me going “????????”  I figured out what happened and started to panic.

I almost called Jennifer to come home to let me in. Ender was being good but after about ten minutes he figured out I was not in eye sight (or he dropped his pacifier who knows) and started to whine so I grabbed a ladder and I had to break in through a window. Thankfully It does not look like I damaged anything where it does not work. No one called police about me breaking in. The bad news, No one seen me breaking in. Time to invest in a touch pad entry like we had on the house.


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