4 day weekend!

This weekend Jennifer has 4 days off! We have a big weekend ahead. We are going to Wisconsin Dells . While we are there i doubt we will be seeing all of the water parks since it is like 50 degrees outside but we hope to see the sites. We also want to do something we have not done before and that is taking a duck boat ride.

Saturday we will move over to Madison for for the Harry Potter Festival. We will finish our night over at Highway 18 outdoor theater to see Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban and then Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire if we can stay up that late. Too bad we dont have our wands with us from when we visited Diagon Alley.946143_10153236938600025_4645805594524284279_n

On Sunday it is Packer game day. Jennifer has gotten us tickets to the Packers vs. the Saints. I will get to knock another thing off of my bucket list with a day full of tailgating and cheering. The last time we were there for a field tour we lost our photos together so maybe we can get some this time.IMG_9201


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