The First week!

Well this is the first leg of our trip! We have cleaned the house out and it will be on the market soon. Jennifer caught a plane down to Oklahoma to help with the first trip. The RV is packed with more then what we actually need. I only accidentally crushed Jennifer once while backing up the truck. The new truck was a great idea because it pulled the RV perfectly. So perfectly that I forgot it was back there and didn’t take a turn wide and almost hit a car. After that we kept saying “WIDE TURNS!”. I also made some close calls when pulling into a few gas stations. I got the RV really close around 1 or 2 feet from the pumps. If you were an onlooker you may have thought I knew what I was doing but the reality was I thought I was taking wide turns but it was barely enough and scared me a couple of times. The second part of that was that people don’t care about your RV. They park close to you and a couple of times I had to wait for people to move their cars to let me get a turn out of gas stations. Once we got to Jacomo campground in lee’s summit, Missouri Jennifer tried to back the RV in for the first time. It went… not great. Other campers tried to come out and help but also added a lot of pressure and made things worse. We knew that people would come out and watch people try this and I am glad to say that we did not disappoint them in our struggles.


The camp site was nice and I spotted a deer crossing the road early in the morning. When we left we tried to use a dump site for the first time. Well the black tank went down fine. The gray tank on the other hand was something else. The hole that we connected to didn’t want any more waste. So our hose got too much pressure and decided to start spraying out along the entire hose.  We had to go get the camp host to help us. So we tossed the hose, cleaned our mess and for the second time at this camp had a learning experience. It is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it right? We will see if we have learned. but we were happy to run away from Kansas City. We made it to Minnesota and the roads are confusing with random merging in the middle of the highway and with a big trailer going 60 trying to figure out what I was supposed to do within a few hundred feet left me cutting off some people. Sorry to the people of Minnesota for we are tourist and we do not know better.


We made it to Minneapolis Northwest KOA and I backed the trailer in like I had half an idea of what I was doing (thankfully it was mostly a straight shot). This will be our home for about 2 weeks before we go to the next camp site. We have taken Ender swimming for the first time and he… didn’t know what was happening and the water was a little cold for him. Since we brought our drain hose and we don’t have sewer connection we had to buy a tote tank and have been dragging that about 200 yards to the drain every day. I feel like I am getting plenty of experience and exercise. I am getting quicker at setting it up and getting things completed quicker. Only down side is that I have been having to wait for Jennifer to gets home because I can’t drag the 35 gallons and carry Ender at the same time.


For some reason, severe weather just never crossed my mind while we would be living in the RV. For a couple of nights, the area has had hail and tornadoes. We are used to this living in Oklahoma but once you move us to Minnesota and they say “oh it is in _____ county and hail in this area of ______” then you have to figure out what area you are in. Trying to find the local radar and news channels and by that time I figured if the tornado was near me, I would have had a bad night if it actually was.  We lost power over night and that lead us to figuring out that we may need to be ready to boondock any time even when we are at a RV park.19875358_1877907219137856_1212390255888261360_n


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